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Drowning Detection Systems

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  • For for wave pools and diving pools of all sizes
  • Reliable ultrasonic technology
  • Rugged system that will protect you for years!
  • Fit for small pools
  • Temporary use for swim lessons
  • System sets up in minutes
  • Fit for hotel/resort, community & residential pools, lakes
  • Visual and audio alarm that's always on
  • Reuse wristcomputers time and time again
  • Wristcomputers fit all sizes, shapes and ages

GUARDIAN Pool Protection System

Swimmers wear the SmartBand Wristcomputer and are individually monitored

Swimmers wear GUARDIAN’s patented SmartBand which alerts your water safety staff when a swimmer is below a prescribed water-depth too long.

Here’s an example: SmartBand wristcomputer is set for a depth of three feet with a 30-second limit (you can adjust for depth from 2’ to 45’). If a swimmer is deeper than three feet for longer than 30-seconds, an alarm alerts your staff of the potentially dangerous situation and rescue protocols are employed.

Unlimited Tracking Capacity

The GUARDIAN system has unlimited capacity to monitor as many swimmers as you allow in the pool. If the swimmer stays below the programmed depth-limit longer than the programmed time you have set, a visual and audio alarm is activated.

Program By Color

The super-durable wristcomputers come in red, yellow, grey and blue. You can program each SmartBand wristcomputers by color to match with the swimmers age or the ability.

GUARDIAN Portable Water Safety System

Monitors Every Swimmer:

The Portable System has unlimited capacity as it continuously monitors every swimmer in your pool who is wearing an SmartBand.

Visual & Acoustic Alarm:

Should a swimmer exceed the programmed depth for too long (5 second to 95 seconds), a poolside mobile alarm box gives both a visual and acoustic warning (92 decibel) alerting your water safety staff of imminent danger.

100% Mobile:

The GUARDIAN Portable System is 100% mobile and can be set up in minutes by one person. GUARDIAN Portable System is ideal for
short-term protection such as monitoring swim or training classes.

BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline is programmed by you to send an alert if a swimmer remains below a prescribed depth too long. 

Should a swimmer stay underwater too long, the BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer launches a bright red, non-toxic, gas-filled balloon that sounds a loud alarm when it surfaces. In addition, the BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer has a powerful LED beacon which will immediately flash a bright white light guiding your water rescue team to the location of the swimmer who is in danger.


Key Features

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"The importance of the *Guardian pool protection system in guarding against an incident cannot be underestimated. Waterparks are for the enjoyment of families, but water attractions can be both thrilling and hazardous. We have a safeguard that never sleeps with the Guardian system."
Vladimir Ossnin
Freestyle Aquatic Center, Minsk, Belarus
"Again and again swimming accidents occur. With the *Guardian, we are adding another layer of safety."
R. Robert Rogner
Rogner Resorts, Bad Blumau, Austria
"The *Guardian systems are very sophisticated. We strive to equip all city of Graz facilities with the pool protection systems"
Siegfried Nagl
Mayor, Graz, Austria
"We have operated the *Guardian pool safety system for many years, and it has always worked smoothly. The children who attend visit the park call the bracelets their Guardian Angel."
Micheal Kunz
Aquatic Center, Bollingen, Switzerland


The BLUEFOX-Lifeline and Guardian-Lifeline water safety products will not take the place of effective supervision, lifejackets and safety measures recommended or mandated by local regulations.

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A drowning incident occurs
every two hours in the U.S.