Guardian-Lifeline provides a complete installation and operation guide and videos. We are available for support on a 24/7 basis at info@guardlives.com or call us at 916-546-8775. Your pool maintenance technician will most likely be able to install the Guardian System in two-days or less.

Guardian System—pools of all sizes

    • Sensors are permanently affixed in the water to two pools walls or more, depending on the size and shape of your pool.
    • Cables are then run to the Master Sensor Control Unit (MSCU). The MSCU can be as far away as 1,500 from the pool sensors. Cables can be placed in existing conduit, pool lights, etc.
    • The Guardian System does not require special voltage as it operates on a 12-24 electrical current.

Guardian Portable System—pools less than 82’/25m; temporary use of pool

    • You receive a complete “how-to” guide with your mobile Guardian Portable System.
    • The specially manufactured sensor has a built-in suction-cup which is placed in the water.
    • Plug-in the adapters to the Alarm Box and you are ready to go for up to eight (8) continuous hours of battery usage.

The wristcomputers can be programmed through your personal computer using proprietary software provided by Guardian-Lifeline.

You can program the wristcomputers for both depth and duration underwater. You can reprogram the wristcomputer as often as you like.

Both the wristcomputer adjustable to fit a toddler’s wrist or the wrist of a NFL lineman.

The wristcomputers come in yellow, blue, grey and red. You should consider programming each color wristband to correspond with the age and swimming ability of the swimmers

The Guardian System comes with 100 wristcomputers (you select the color(s)

The Guardian Portable System comes with 30 wristcomputers (you select the color(s).)

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputers are individually boxed. For bulk order discounts, contact us at info@guardlives.com for the best price.

You may purchase as many wristcomputers by going to the “Order” page. The Guardian Systems have unlimited capacity for tracking the wristcomputers.

The SmartBand can last as long as 270 hours before recharging. A small red-light indicates when the Aqua Tracker is below a 50% charge.

Swimmers can be prevented from leaving the premises with wristbands by placing a “wristband recovery” sensor at the exit and placing a small transponder in the bracelet.

The cost for the optional sensor and alarm for your exit is $999. The additional cost to embed the transponder into the wristband is $10 per wristband. The sensor and alarm come with the GUARDIAN-Lifeline two-year warranty.

Some pool operators charge a refundable deposit for the SmartBand to ensure the wristbands are returned.

The system can continuously monitor an unlimited number of swimmers wearing the Aqua Tracker as you allow in your pool.

The Guardian Systems will trigger a visual and audio alarm (92 decibels) to alert your water safety team of danger. The system can also send a signal to walkie-talkies, your EMT.

The 24-month warranty begins on the first day you use the system. The warranty covers any manufacturers defect. Should you have need to replace an items because of a manufacturer defect, contact the Guardian-Lifeline at info@guardlives.com.

GUARDIAN ProductType of Swimming EnvironmentCostIncluded
GUARDIAN SystemPools longer than 82 feet (25m), wave pools$22,500+100 Aqua Trackers
GUARDIAN Portable SystemPools less than 82 feet (25m) in length that require continuous coverage for eight hours or less$14,99930 SmartBands
BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristband

Any size pool.

Hotel pools, Resort pools, smaller pools, and lakes

$299/eachFor Bulk ordes contact info@guardlives.com

Guardian Systems
We will do our level best to meet your due date but try to give us eight weeks to deliver the Guardian System. Your system is made specifically for you by skilled technicians in Hallwil, Switzerland. The reason your Guardian system will last many years is because of the quality and integrity of the craftsmanship that merits it the distinguished “Swiss-made” designation.

BLUEFOX-Lifeline Rescue Wristcomputers
For orders less than 48 units, expect to receive your Lifeline Rescue Wristcomputer within 3-5 days. For larger orders of the Lifeline Rescue Wristcomputer, please contact us at info@guardlives.com or call our support line at 916-546-8775.

GUARDIAN Water Safety Products are intended to be a complement to a comprehensive aquatic safety plan.

Be aware, GUARDIAN Water Safety Products will not take the place of be used in lieu of your facility’s aquatic safety plan.


The BLUEFOX-Lifeline and Guardian-Lifeline water safety products will not take the place of effective supervision, lifejackets and safety measures recommended or mandated by local regulations.

Inventory is limited so kindly order today.