The BLUEFOX-Lifeline is known as Blue Fox outside of North America

BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer

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There is no price for peace-of-mind knowing your child is protected. The BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer is the world’s first alarm system that alerts you to a potential catastrophe. With a two-year warranty, patented micro-processors and the built-in quality to each handmade BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer, you can be assured you are doing your best to protect your child.

YOUR PURCHASE OF THE LIFELINE WRISTCOMPUTER IS HELPING FIGHT THE SILENT KILLER KNOWN AS DROWNING. Busch Ltd. donates 5% of all future net profits to charities like the Kels Group aka The Drowning Warriors, and the National Drowning Prevention Association, and scholarships to disadvantaged children to teach them swimming skills. If you have a favorite cause related to drowning prevention, let us know and we’ll look into supporting the organization.

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer is also known as Blue Fox. Your order may come in a BlueFox branded box – do not worry. You are receiving the same life saving product!

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Lifeline Emergency Wristcomputer

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Fast Fact: For every drowning fatality, 6-10 times more people suffer from permanent neurological injuries from near drowning experiences with an average lifetime care cost of $4.5 million.—American Academy of Pediatrics

“The near drowning of our 3 year old niece Kimberly forever changed our family, and could likely have been prevented with the BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer. We are driven by the need to reduce child drownings.”


Owners, ST1-Lifeline Rescue Wristcomputer


The BLUEFOX-Lifeline and Guardian-Lifeline water safety products will not take the place of effective supervision, lifejackets and safety measures recommended or mandated by local regulations.

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