GUARDIAN Pool Protection System

The world’s first reliable drowning detection system is here. In combination with your aquatic safety program, the risk of a catastrophic event in your water is dramatically reduced with the
GUARDIAN Pool Protection System.

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Swimmers Wear the SmartBand Wristcomputer and are individually monitored

Swimmers wear GUARDIAN’s patented SmartBand which alerts your water safety staff when a swimmer is below a prescribed water-depth too long.

Here’s an example: SmartBand wristcomputer is set for a depth of three feet with a 30-second limit (you can adjust for depth from 2’ to 45’). If a swimmer is deeper than three feet for longer than 30-seconds, an alarm alerts your staff of the potentially dangerous situation and rescue protocols are employed.

Unlimited Tracking Capacity

The GUARDIAN system has unlimited capacity to monitor as many swimmers as you allow in the pool. If the swimmer stays below the programmed depth-limit longer than the programmed time you have set, a visual and audio alarm is activated.

Program By Color

The super-durable wristcomputers come in red, yellow, grey and blue. You can program each SmartBand wristcomputer by color to match with the swimmers age or the ability.

The Swiss Made It To Take It

Precision engineered and manufactured by the Swiss, the Guardian System is a rugged unit that stands-up to extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors. If maintained properly, the Guardian System will be protecting your swimmers for years to come. We back that up with a 24-month replacement warranty, one of the best guarantees in the industry. Although the technology behind the Guardian Systems has evolved over the years, many of the Guardian Systems have been in place since 2008.

The Key to the System - Patented Technology

With over 40 years’ experience in underwater technology, the Swiss inventors of GUARDIAN Water Safety Products know the challenges of integrating water with sensitive electronic equipment. The key to the patented GUARDIAN Water Safety Products is the technology built-into the SmartBand.

The key to the patented GUARDIAN Pool Protection System is the technology built-into the SmartBand wristcomputer and the MSCU.

Here’s How the Technology Built-In to Guardian System Keeps Swimmers Safe

When the swimmer enters the water, the SmartBand switches on automatically.

The SmartBand measures both the depth and the time underwater, constantly reporting the distance between the swimmer and the water surface. The depth of the SmartBand wristcomputer can be programmed from 2’ to 45’.

The Guardian System stays in active mode when the swimmer is wearing the SmartBand.

Twice a second the SmartBand sends a signal, measuring both the depth and the time under water of each SmartBand wristcomputer, constantly reporting the distance between the swimmer and the water surface. The depth of the SmartBand wristcomputer can be programmed from 2’ to 45’.

The SmartBand measures Depth and Time Under Water.

SmartBand is the smart device on the wrist! As soon as the SmartBand is in the water it monitors the swimmer permanently. If the preset parameters (depth and time) are exceeded, SmartBand sends every second an ultra sonic alarm message through out the water. The power LED flashes a white light serve as beacons to guide rescuers.

Should the swimmer go below the programmed depth of the SmartBand, a timer is activated and begins to count the seconds. When the preset time underwater is reached (5 seconds to 95 seconds), the SmartBand sends an ultrasonic signal to a sensor secured in the pool. The Master Alarm Box gives both an acoustic (92 decibels) and visible alarm.

Every Second Counts

The Guardian System can monitor a few or several hundred swimmers simultaneously for danger, as long as the swimmer is wearing the SmartBand.

Because Guardian System serves as your early warning system, precious seconds are saved. These precious seconds can truly make the difference between an aquatic catastrophe and a “non-event” resulting in a happy family thanking your water safety team for saving their dear child from a life-altering tragedy.

GUARDIAN Water Safety Products are intended to be a complement to a comprehensive aquatic safety plan.

Be aware, GUARDIAN Water Safety Products will not take the place of be used in lieu of your facility’s aquatic safety plan.

GUARDIAN Pool Protection System
Quick Facts

  • Pools of all sizes
  • Perfect for wave pools, diving wells/diving pools or any deep-water pool
  • 300 world-wide
  • 270 hours between battery charges
  • Rugged and long-lasting
  • Four colors (red, blue, grey and yellow)
  • Program depth and duration by age/swimming ability;
  • Modify depth and duration as you desire
  • System includes magnetic battery charger for up to 10 Aqua Tracker wristcomputer
  • Optional sensor and alarm are available to prevent wristcomputers being taken from the premises
  • Affixed to pool walls and connected to an electrical source
  • Cables can be run as long as 1,500 to connect the sensors with the MSCU

  • Unlimited capacity SmartBand wristcomputers

  • Download the software in seconds to your computer

  • Program the SmartBand wristbands according to depth and duration (wristbands come in red, yellow, grey and blue)

  • If a swimmer is in trouble a 92-decibel acoustic alarm (similar to a police siren) and a visible warning light are activated. You can program the alert to go to two-way radios, or virtually any communication device.
  • Each GUARDIAN product is precision made in Switzerland and is guaranteed for two years, making it one of the best warranties in the business

  • We are available to you on a 24/7 basis. Our technicians have years of experience is serving large and small pool operators and are ready to help you in any way possible.
  • You can reach us here at
  • Or call us here, 916-546-8775
  • What’s the right plan for you? Let’s discuss whether it’s best for you to lease, subscribe or purchase the Guardian Pool Protection System. Having been in the aquatic business for over 40 years, we know capital budgets, operating budgets and timing all play a role in how best to spend your precious dollars. No matter what program is right for you, we all know the peace of mind that your pool is protected from a potential catastrophe is priceless.


The BLUEFOX-Lifeline and Guardian-Lifeline water safety products will not take the place of effective supervision, lifejackets and safety measures recommended or mandated by local regulations.

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