The GUARDIAN Portable Water Safety System

When combined with your aquatic safety program the GUARDIAN Portable System is the best, most affordable drowning detection system in the world for your pool.

Protecting Your Pools

The GUARDIAN Portable System has all the features and performs just like the rugged and reliable Sentinel System but is best suited for small pools.

For up to eight hours per usage, it protects your swimmers by utilizing the patented SmartBand wristcomputer, sensors and the Master Control Unit.

The Guardian Portable in Action!

How It Works

Monitors Every Swimmer:

The Master Control Unit (MCU) has unlimited capacity as it continuously monitors every swimmer in your pool who is wearing an SmartBand.

Visual & Acoustic Alarm:

Should a swimmer exceed the prescribed depth for too long (5 second to 95 seconds), a poolside mobile alarm box gives both a visual and acoustic warning (92 decibel) alerting your water safety staff of imminent danger.

100% Mobile:

The GUARDIAN Portable System is 100% mobile and can be set up in minutes by one person. GUARDIAN Portable System is ideal for
short-term pool protection such as monitoring swim or training classes, hotel pools, apartment or community pools, school pools and athletic club pools.

Easy To Carry:

Your complete GUARDIAN Portable System is stored in a durable, easy-to-carry case that’s ready to go when you are.

The Swiss Made it to Take It

Precision engineered and manufactured by the Swiss, the Guardian System is a rugged unit that stands-up to extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors. If maintained properly, the Guardian System will be protecting your swimmers for years to come. We back that up with a 24-month replacement warranty, one of the best guarantees in the industry. Although the technology behind the Guardian Systems has evolved over the years, many of the Guardian Systems have been in place since 2008.

GUARDIAN Portable Water Protection System
Quick Facts

  • Smaller Pools – residential, hotel/resort, camps, community pools
  • Perfect for pools less than 82 feet (25m) in length

GUARDIAN Portable System is entirely contained in an easy-to-carry hard case that can be deployed in minutes, then packed up securely for its next assignment. The complete system is stored in a heavy-duty case weighing less than 20 lbs.

100 world-wide

  • 270 hours between battery charges
  • Rugged and long-lasting
  • Four colors (red, blue, grey and yellow)
  • Program depth and duration by age/swimming ability
  • Modify depth and duration as you desire
  • Includes 30 SmartBand wristcomputers and magnetic charger

Affixed to pool walls with a built-in suction cup.

The MCU comes with cable and access adapter to program the Aqua Tracker wristbands from your PC. Has unlimited capacity to simultaneously monitor SmartBand wristbands

  • Download the software in seconds to your computer
  • Program the SmartBand wristbands according to depth and duration (wristbands come in four colors)
  • Swimmers are monitored continuously by the SmartBand.

If a swimmer is in trouble, a poolside 92-decibel acoustic alarm is sounded, and a visible warning light is triggered.

Each GUARDIAN product is precision made in Switzerland and is guaranteed for two years, making it one of the best warranties in the business.

We are available to you on a 24/7 basis. Our technicians have years of experience is serving large and small pool operators and are ready to help you in any way possible.

  • You can reach us here at, or call us at 916-546-8775

GUARDIAN Portable Water Safety System is $14,999 and includes 30 Aqua Trackers. GUARDIAN Portable System is a great value that will give you years of comfort knowing your pool is protected.

* Additional Aqua Trackers are affordably priced.


The BLUEFOX-Lifeline and Guardian-Lifeline water safety products will not take the place of effective supervision, lifejackets and safety measures recommended or mandated by local regulations.

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