Here are few comments from aquatic professionals and community leaders:

Rogner Resort, Bad Blumau, Austria

Since 2008, the Guardian Pool Protection System (known as Blue Fox outside North America) have been protecting tens of thousands of swimmers and pool owners/operators.

Currently, there are over 300 installations with over 10,000 SmartBand Wristcomputer in use worldwide.

"The importance of the *Guardian pool protection system in guarding against an incident cannot be underestimated. Waterparks are for the enjoyment of families, but water attractions can be both thrilling and hazardous. We have a safeguard that never sleeps with the Guardian system."
Vladimir Ossnin
Freestyle Aquatic Center, Minsk, Belarus
"Again and again swimming accidents occur. With the *Guardian, we are adding another layer of safety."
R. Robert Rogner
Rogner Resorts, Bad Blumau, Austria
"The *Guardian systems are very sophisticated. We strive to equip all city of Graz facilities with the pool protection systems"
Siegfried Nagl
Mayor, Graz, Austria
"We have operated the *Guardian pool safety system for many years, and it has always worked smoothly. The children who attend visit the park call the bracelets their Guardian Angel."
Micheal Kunz
Aquatic Center, Bollingen, Switzerland
"I highly recommend installing *Guardian not only in public pools, but in all residential pools."
Michael Krainer
International Swim Complex, Eggenberg, Austria

*Known as Blue Fox outside of North America