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Here’s what the ST1 Lifeline can give you: peace-of-mind

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The Guardian Systems in Action!

The Guardian Systems work in all water envrionments where lives could be in danger!

PPCD prevent childhood drowning

Join us in the mission to end childhood drownings!

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Simple steps to be safe around pools and prevent accidents

Be safe. Here are some of the simple steps that save lives around pools.

How to save yourself from drowning

Don't be the river’s next victim. Use the Sacramento Drowning Accident Rescue Team’s tips to save yourself from drowning.

How to protect your child from secondary drowning

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. That’s submersion drowning, but there’s another type of drowning that poses a very real danger: secondary drowning.

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"I didn't know"

This video is a small glimpse of the beautiful lives that were taken too early. Taken by childhood drowning. The parents of these children shared their stories with PPCD and Live Like Jake. They shared their children's pictures, to be remembered, and to get a message across to other parents. They have also said that they "didn't know." What they didn't know is that drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children between the ages of 1 and 4. We want you to know this. We want everyone in the care of a child to know this.

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Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Public Service Announcement

Coach Bob Bowman and Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps educate swimmers on the dangers of shallow water blackout, and how to prevent it.

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Fast Fact: Drowning is a silent killer, with the victim often unable to cry out for help, wave their arms or even alert the person next to them of their distress. US Consumer Product Safety Commission

News You Can Use

Mother warns it could happen to you

"It was a Sunday afternoon in July and we were at a family members house, where we had taken our boys swimming many times before. There were 4 adult and 2 children. No one was drinking..."

For drowning victims, CPR sooner – even on the water – is better

Lifeguards who oversee open waters, such as oceans and lakes, may be able to deliver CPR effectively in a moving inflatable boat, according to a small study in Spain.

What Really Happens When Someone Drowns?

Many don’t understand how drowning looks — including aquatics professionals. While difficult, it is helpful to understand the process of drowning.

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention

Shallow water blackout (also known as hypoxic blackout) can affect anyone who is breath-holding, even the physically fit swimmer. It is especially seen in competitive swimmers, Navy SEALs, snorkelers, spearfishermen or anyone who free-dives. Blackouts cut across the spectrum of freediver training affecting all levels. No one is protected from succumbing to an underwater blackout.

Fast Fact: “He Who Saves A Single Life, Is Said To Have Saved The Entire World” Tractate Sanhedrin